How Does ALTRD Work?

“I don’t get it – my clothes are picked up? Doesn’t the tailor need to measure me in-person?”

We get it, ALTRD is a new concept. But trust us! Our prep methods work! In order to alter or repair your clothes, all ALTRD SewExperts need is for you to choose one of our proven prep methods:

  1.     Write a detailed description like “Shorten my dress two inches,” “Repair the hole near my elbow in the right sleeve,”, or “Hem pants.” For simple alterations, a good description is all our SewExperts need to work their magic.
  2.     Safety pin to indicate fit – if you have safety pins around the house, place them where you need alterations or repairs. For example, if you want your pants to be shortened, place a safety pin horizontally to show where you want our SewExperts to make the new hem. If you want your shirt taken in on the sides, place a pin on each side to highlight how much the shirt should be slimmed. If you have any questions, check out the videos on our product pages or send us an email at!
  3.     Send us a match! If you have a piece of clothing that fits you just right, send it to us along with the garment that needs to be altered and we’ll make it match. For example, if you have a button up shirt that fits you perfectly in the sides and sleeves, send it to us along with the one that needs some work, and ALTRD will make it happen.

We get that this new process takes some getting used to but it works! Our customers love us (check out our Yelp: and nothing could be more convenient. No need to lug your clothes to a tailor – you can prep on your own time and then ALTRD picks up from you when it’s convenient. No need to pick up any extra materials (you can place the order in any bag you already have at home) or rearrange your schedule – ALTRD is all about the most convenient and easy alterations and repairs possible.

Thanks for reading!

Saara and Stephanie

ALTRD Clothes. ALTRD Lives.

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