Muffin Top Shirts? ALTRD can help.

Are you like one of our many customers who find their button-up shirts too baggy? Not feeling that muffin top look? ALTRD can help! Altering shirts to fit better in the sides and sleeves is our most popular alteration.

Let ALTRD help you fall in love with your shirts again! Our SewExperts can slim the sides and / or sleeves to make your shirts fit the way they should. Get a better fitting look for work and casual wear.

A well-fitting shirt is so easy to achieve with our Match method! Do you have one shirt that fits you well? Simply send that to us along with your shirts that need some work, and we’ll take care of the rest. In a matter of days, every shirt can fit like your favorite. And, if you don't have a shirt that fits you well, simply pin for fit or provide a description of what you need.

Check out our Shirts collection to select the alterations you need and begin to transform your closet today. Remember that ALTRD makes alterations as easy as possible – ALTRD picks up your order, a talented ALTRD SewExpert takes care of alterations in 3-5 days, and then ALTRD returns your tailored order at a convenient time for you.

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