SewExpert 101

We get a lot of questions about our SewExperts (tailors) – questions we love answering. ALTRD SewExperts are the heart and soul of our business. Learn more:

  1. How did you find your SewExperts (tailors)? We got creative: we reached out to local organizations working with immigrant and refugee populations, religious and community institutions, and on social media. Once we got the word out that we were looking for individuals talented in sewing who wanted to work from home, the interested starting pouring in – tons of inbound emails, calls, and messages expressing interest.
  2. Are the SewExperts (tailors) capable of complex alterations? We go through an extensive assessment process with each and every candidate. After two interviews, we ask candidates to work on several test pieces - we hand them the most challenging alterations and repairs to get a sense of their alterations capabilities. A candidate must pass multiple quality checks before we ask them to join the SewExpert team.
  3. Do your SewExperts (tailors) have the equipment they need? Each SewExpert has the machines to ensure you love your clothes. Rest assured that they’re professionals and you’ll get a professional finish.
  4. Do your SewExperts (tailors) need to be in-person to understand what I want with my clothes? We’ve been doing this for awhile and our SewExperts have seen it all. If you use one of our three prep methods, then we’ve got all the info we need for alterations or repairs. A pin can indicate where the new fit should be; a well fitting shirt can be the match for a dozen others; and a detailed description is all we need for pant hems, dress adjustments, or other simple alterations.
  5. What if someone I know is interested in becoming a SewExpert? Please email us at and we'll get in touch!

Any other questions? Shoot us an email at!

Thanks for reading!

Saara and Stephanie

ALTRD Clothing. ALTRD Lives.

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